You’re struggling in your relationship and feel discouraged.

You wonder, “Why do other people seem to manage fine in relationships and yet my relationship seems so difficult?”

The problems have been going on for so long that it is hard to imagine how your relationship can be improved.

Yet, you don’t know where else to turn. You’ve exhausted all attempts to improve things on your own.

When you can’t resolve your relationship problems, it is wise to seek a couples therapist.

Even when your relationship seems hopeless, with your desire and commitment to make it better, I can help.

Problems Where Couples Therapy Can Help:

• You argue too much; you can’t seem to communicate

• You’re distant from each other

• Past hurts, disloyalties, or affairs still live in the present

• You feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells trying to prevent your partner from becoming upset or angry

• You’re afraid your relationship is headed towards divorce


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