Q.How Long are sessions?

On average, sessions will be 50-55 minutes in length unless scheduled a longer session depending on the need. If the session time is extended, there’s an extra charge.

Q.Can we extend sessions?

Yes, Therapist find longer couples and family sessions beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as being able to do more in-depth assessment and treatment, to have more time to work with a high- conflict family and resolve conflicts in session, to allow for a larger number of session participants, or for certain treatment types such as Gottman Method Couples Therapy. In addition, when clients are not able to come regularly or must come from great distance, longer sessions allow more to be accomplished in fewer sessions.

Q.How much does counseling cost?

Individual sessions are 1000Rs per 50-55 minute session.

Family/ Couple sessions are 1200Rs per 50-55 minute session.

Family/ Couple Session 1500Rs Per 90 min Session

Extended Session Fees

Double Session 2000Rs/2400Rs for Individual and Family sessions.

Each Additional  30 min. 500Rs

Each Additional 50-55 min. 1000Rs

Q.How often do I need to be seen?

It is highly recommend that you attend counseling on a weekly basis. Being seen weekly, especially initially, will help us establish a comfortable, working relationship and set a foundation for where you are and where you want to be in regards to your goals for counseling. Once you experience improvement and can maintain your positive changes, Pune Counseling &Therapy can most likely recommend decreasing the frequency of your sessions. If you cannot be seen on a weekly basis, Pune Counseling &Therapy will encourage meeting weekly for the first 3 to 4 sessions and then moving to bi-weekly.

Q.How long does the counseling process take?

Here at Pune Counseling &Therapy, we believe counseling will take as long as it takes. You definitely have control over your time in counseling but every person’s progress is so unique and individualized that I do not like giving a time frame on the process. On average, most clients attend for a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions. Many continue on, identifying revised goals or new goals. Others simply need additional time to meet their goals. We can discuss your unique experience more in depth after an initial session.

Q.I want to bring my child/teen into see you. Am I a part of his/her therapy?

As a parent, we rely heavily on your input concerning your child. We believe parents are the experts on their own children and you are invaluable to the process. Initially, we would request that we will sit down with you for a parent consultation (30 to 40 minutes in length) to discuss your concerns and desires regarding your child. After this, we would spend the majority of our time with your child while still meeting with you, as the parent, at the beginning of each session or every other session depending on progress (in the duration of 10 to 15 minutes).

Cancel or reschedule ?

If you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment kindly inform the Therapist 24hours in advance. For more information please refer to our cancellation policy.

Q. Can other family members attend the session?

Ans. If you have booked an individual session they cannot. They can attend if you are booking a family session. Please refer to family session or couple session fees.

Q. If I am feeling suicidal thoughts what should I do ?

Ans. Please visit nearest hospital or Psychiatrist immediately.

Q. Can other family members attend the session?

Ans. It depends on Individual to Individual and the severity of the issue the client is facing. Also it depends on what the client does in between the sessions and how much effort he/ she puts in as suggested by the therapist.

Q. How to book appointment:-

Text/WhatsApp/Call 8383801942 to schedule your appointment according to the time that best suits you and your therapist’s availability.

Q. Does therapy via the internet work? Does it work as well as in-office therapy?

In-office therapy works better for some people, but online therapy is an equally viable treatment and works for the vast majority of clients.

Q. What are the payment options available?

Payment Options :-

Credit Card 

Paytm 8383801942 

Google pay 

Bank Transfer

Account number :- 336201501682

Account holder’s name :- SMITA SHUKLA

IFSC Code :- ICIC0003362


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